It might be difficult to believe this from where you’re sitting now, but recovery can be a lot of fun. Programs like 12-step meetings are not gatherings of depressed and angry people. Instead, you are likely to find yourself surrounded by new friends who make you smile and are eager to get together for a variety of social activities. You may not be aware of how much money you are spending on your addiction.

Staying Committed to Sobriety

It will hurt (pretty bad at first), but in time you will come to see it as the gift it is—and you won’t waste time getting to know the wrong person. Ask any sober person whether they want to go to a cocktail party or stay in with a pack of La Croix, The Crown, and a bathrobe. I’d bet nine out of 10 of us won’t even answer, and we’ll just laugh because it’s such a ridiculous question. Sobriety doesn’t necessarily turn you into Liz Lemon, but it can give you the clarity to understand that you’ve been Liz Lemon your whole life. This is an opportunity to assert for your needs, and therefore assert your worth. Thankfully, there have only been a few times when someone at the table hasn’t pointed it out on my behalf and adjusted accordingly.

Healthy Habits and Lifestyle Changes

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Additionally, there are holistic and secular recovery programs such as Secular Organizations for Sobriety (S.O.S.). There are medically assisted treatments (M.A.T.) Sober House for opioid use disorders. If you are thinking about getting sober and seeking treatment at a rehab facility, you may be feeling overwhelmed or even afraid.

Go to a rehab facility

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When you’re living a life of sobriety, you’re choosing a healthier body. The list of benefits that come with a sober life is long. Starting a life of sobriety can be challenging, but once you get a taste of the benefits of sobriety, you’ll begin to feel a new level of well-being.

  • If you’re struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, the early sobriety phase seems like a daunting task.
  • When you have fewer tasks in front of you, it can make life more peaceful and joyous.
  • There’s no easy pass for me anymore, no more getting drunk and slipping past the part where you get to know each other.

You must start with a solid base to create a lifestyle that will support you and withstand the tests of time. Unfortunately, people with substance abuse disorders commonly have low self-esteem issues. So it’s essential that you factor that reality into your recovery and have yourself a plan to change that poor self-image you’ve created in your mind. Now, when I say manifest your dreams, I’m not suggesting making a vision board, hanging it up, and expecting it to do the work.

  • Maybe you’ve tried to quit before, or maybe this is the first time that you feel like enough is enough—either way, you want to give sobriety your best shot.
  • Turner notes that clients participating in month-long sobriety challenges also report increased energy, better sleep, and weight loss.
  • You have just learned that getting sober is different from leading a sober life.
  • Generally, sobriety is viewed as the achievement of enjoying a successful life in recovery.

Keeping your promise to yourself to live a sober life sometimes means making difficult decisions about where you spend your time. Social pressure can be a significant challenge for those living a sober life. It’s common for people to feel left out or judged for not drinking or using drugs in social situations. Reflecting that it’s okay to say no and prioritize your sobriety is important.

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  • The key lies in exploring your relationship with alcohol.
  • Women really do banter at brunch about joining a convent or a monastery because their dating life is just that depressing.
  • Of course, enjoying sobriety isn’t as simple as following a list of steps, but it is possible.
  • It was my jumping-off point into a life I knew I had buried inside of me.
  • Stepping back from regular drinking might also involve making different choices about how you spend your time.

Benefits of Living a Sober Life

However, the word is often used in different ways in different contexts. Many 12-step programs suggest that sobriety means total abstinence—never using the substance ever again. This article discusses what sobriety means and describes strategies that can support your long-term recovery. It also covers tips on how to deal with the challenges you’ll face on your journey to sobriety. SELF does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.