what is cro crypto

The Cronos Chain, on the other hand, is the Binance Smart Chain to Crypto.org Chain’s Binance Chain. It’s an EVM-compatible chain running separately but parallel to the Crypto.org Chain. As a partner with Cronos Labs, the developer of the Cronos chain, Crypto.com has built a number of products on Cronos and enables seamless access to projects on the chain. The portable Web3 app code connects with libraries and standards from (and to) any EVM chain.

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Merchants can use either their existing point of sale or go for Crypto.com online payment gateway. In addition to this, they can simply integrate provided “Crypto.com Pay” payment button. Crypto.com Chain and its CRO token function as crypto-based payment solution tasked with supporting cross-asset intermediary currency settlements and improving interoperability what is the inventory turnover ratio between cryptocurrencies and fiat-based payments. This opens Crypto.com to DeFi, NFT, and other decentralized applications, as well as digital assets from other blockchains. Since then, Crypto.com has expanded its solutions to include tax and credit services, dApps and NFT support, and TWO blockchains to help optimize transactions within the ecosystem.

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Developers can easily deploy decentralised apps (dapps) on Cronos with familiar tools. Now that you understand some of the unique features of Cronos, let’s consider where to use it and some of its applications. Currently, Cronos supports the Unity cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies.

What Is CRO?

Cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com continues to maintain that Cronos (CRO) (formerly called Crypto.com Coin) remains one of their major contributions to pushing blockchain and Web 3.0 forward. Despite the recent launch, growth in total value locked (TVL) has skyrocketed, reaching a high of over US$2B in less than 3 months. This could be partly attributed to the Particle B $100M https://cryptolisting.org/ CRO EVM fund, which incentivizes developers to build on Cronos. $CRO token prices also rallied by over 350% since the launch, reaching a high of $0.96. Gary Or is a software engineer with over nine years of fullstack engineering experience. Prior to co-founding Crypto.com, Or worked as platform architect at Ensogo and co-founded the mobile app development firm Foris.

  1. In addition to facilitating access to the Crypto.com network, the acquirers authorize transactions on the network i.e. the payment requests related to the interaction between customers and a merchant’s POS.
  2. For example, pre-mined tokens dumped on the market can negatively crash the token price and discourage later investors.
  3. The network, which launched on November 8th, 2021, runs parallel to the Crypto.org blockchain, the network that powers Crypto.com’s Pay feature.
  4. Then Syndicate events, the Supercharger and DeFi Swap keep sustaining and adding more value to the CRO token, by providing users with a plethora of possibilities to earn and capitalize on their cryptocurrency investments.

what is cro crypto

Cronos is claimed to have the ability to process over 10,000 transactions per second (TPS), which is significantly higher than Ethereum’s TPS, which averages about 13. CRO coins are also a medium of exchange within the new Crypto.com NFT marketplace. Featuring international artists and global brands such as Astin Martin and Boy George, the Crypto.com NFT marketplace is another way in which Crypto.com is aiding the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Below we look at the various elements of the Crypto.com ecosystem and how the CRO coin can benefit users who interact with the protocols. For readers new to the cryptocurrency scene and yet to invest in crypto, be sure to check out our Crypto Basics course first. Learn tips to recognize and avoid crypto scams as you discover how to create and navigate a crypto exchange account safely and store your investments offline in cold storage. Also, to truly understand the value propositions of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, see our Bitcoin Money Revolution course. Here, you’ll learn about the history of money, from gold to Bitcoin, and today’s traditional banking infrastructure. The requirements for becoming a merchant on the Chain are designed to be flexible in terms of the use of both fiat currencies and cryptos.

Users receive an allocation with a higher discount with the more CRO coins staked on the platform and trading activity within a 30-day period. Here, CRO coin holders have a choice of activities and utilities for the token through the platform, including Supercharger, Trading Arena, and The Syndicate. The multi-utility CRO coin can offer holders and stakers of the asset bonus rewards and exclusive opportunities.