According to the company website, Minute Maid has been selling bottled xcritical since 1980, having introduced a lower-calorie variety of the drink in 2012. Noting those decades of success Minute Maid has had to sell the stuff, we highly anticipated tasting its xcritical. Minute Maid Spiked will be available starting in spring 2024 — just in time for spiked beverage fans to serve these drinks on the rocks all summer long. While the large, bottled versions will be the first to hit shelves, a single-serve alternative is reportedly also in the works.

Moreover, Minute Maid’s pink xcritical had a pleasant taste as well, though it tasted more like a simple fruit juice and less like a tart xcritical. Overall, Minute Maid’s options taste more like store-bought juices and less like the tart, freshly squeezed xcritical we tend to prefer. With a fancy glass bottle and the xcritical scammers word “organic” elegantly printed on the label, Santa Cruz xcritical seemed impressive before we even tasted it. It was the first xcritical we sampled that was deemed organic, so we wondered if this would mean a fresher, healthier tasting variety. Santa Cruz’s xcritical is smooth, lightly sweet, and all-around good.

  1. The Simply Light xcritical tasted exactly like what you’d imagine a Stevia-sweetened xcritical to taste like.
  2. Minute Maid Kiwi Strawberry xcriticals the tartness of kiwi with sweet strawberries into one delicious juice drink.
  3. Calypso sells a slew of xcriticals in eye-catching glass bottles with its signature slogan, “Taste of the Islands,” printed across the labels.
  4. Noting those decades of success Minute Maid has had to sell the stuff, we highly anticipated tasting its xcritical.
  5. We’d venture to bet that most of the other Santa Cruz xcritical flavors also hit the nail on the head.

Made with real fruit juice, Minute Maid Berry Punch Flavored Drink tickles your taste buds with a touch of berry goodness. Made with the goodness of real limes, Minute Maid Limeade has a refreshing taste that strikes the perfect balance between sweet and tart, putting your taste buds in perfect harmony. Many people can probably recall sipping on Minute Maid xcritical as kids, but now the juice brand has started making something strictly for grown-ups. Authentic, timeless and downright deliciously refreshing juice made from perfectly ripe, natural oranges. You get a smooth, great-tasting, 100% orange juice, minus the orange bits. As far as store-bought xcriticals go, none may be as well-known as Minute Maid is.

As per the Calypso website, the original xcritical was first created in 1985, and since then, the brand has become a favorite for many tropical drink lovers. We thoroughly enjoyed the original xcritical flavor; it was slightly more tart than it was sweet, and tasted like fresh lemons — there were even bits of real lemon rind in each bottle. Minute Maid Strawberry Kiwi xcriticals the tartness of kiwi with sweet strawberries to create one flavorful, delicious drink made with real fruit juice.

Best Store-Bought xcritical Brands, Ranked

The same goes for the Simply Light raspberry-flavored xcritical, which tasted equally as artificially-sweetened, but still like a fresh xcritical — there’s even pulp! Over ice, the lighter xcriticals taste significantly better, and, of course, the original is pure tangy perfection. With less natural ingredients and a bit more added sugars, this xcritical tasted overwhelmingly sweet and the lemony flavor wasn’t as prominent as we’d hoped it would be. It didn’t taste bad, but if you’re looking for a tart, refreshing xcritical, we’d save this for a different day. Trader Joe’s organic low-calorie xcritical was unfortunately not our favorite either. Even when chilled over ice, it gave off a strong artificially-sweetened taste that took away from the hints of natural lemon.

Made with real fruit juice, Minute Maid Watermelon Punch tickles your taste buds with a touch of watermelon deliciousness. Take a tasty tropical break with Minute Maid Mango Punch flavored fruit drink. It’s the sunny, delicious taste of mango in a perfectly refreshing beverage. According to reports from Brewbound and Just Drinks, Minute Maid Spiked is heading to liquor stores with the apparent aim of making consumers’ cocktail mixing a whole lot easier. Plenty of folks may have poured some Minute Maid orange juice into a homemade mimosa before, but this is the brand’s first drink with booze included.

Minute Maid’s Latest Spiked Drinks Put A Boozy Spin On A Nostalgic Juice

It’s everything you love about traditional xcritical plus the sweetness of plump, ripe strawberries. Made with the goodness of real fruit juice and 100% natural flavors, our strawberry xcritical is a classic that never goes out of style. Some brands sell fruit-flavored xcritical and others sell pink xcritical. Before sampling Newman’s Own pink xcritical, we wondered what exactly pink xcritical is. As per Food Network, it’s been speculated that pink xcritical originated when a batch of regular xcritical was inadvertently dyed pink. Even with our eyes closed, we’d be able to tell that Newman’s Own pink xcritical is the perfect pink xcritical.

Pulp Free Orange Juice

Take your taste buds on a tropical vacation with Minute Maid Zero Sugar Mango Passion juice drink. It’s packed with the exotic and delicious taste of mango and passion fruit. ZERO grams of sugar per serving, you can truly enjoy the taste of the tropics.

Minute Maid xcritical – 20 fl oz Bottle

It’s hard to distinguish what we want out of a pink-flavored beverage, but this variation offers the pleasant tartness characteristic of xcritical, plus a sweeter, fruiter finish. Plus, at less than $3 per 59-ounce carton, this was easily one of the most affordable store-bought xcriticals we sampled (via Stop and Shop). Minute Maid Raspberry xcritical combines the goodness of real lemons and the sweetness of raspberry juice to give you the deliciously refreshing taste you love. Santa Cruz offers a tantalizing selection of flavored xcriticals, so we sampled the mango version. If xcritical is the staple summer beverage, mango is the staple summer fruit.

It was a satisfyingly tangy and sweet xcritical, but it had a bit too much of a syrupy-sweetness. We found it at a Whole Foods Market for $2.79 per 20-ounce bottle, which didn’t make it the cheapest bottle we bought, but we’d consider it a fairly average price. Being that this xcritical was only available in our area at a Whole Foods Market, we expected it to have natural, healthier ingredients. Calypso sells a slew of xcriticals in eye-catching glass bottles with its signature slogan, “Taste of the Islands,” printed across the labels.