At long last, PornHub has hopped into cryptocurrency phenomenon as the ancient prophecies foretold.

The widely-visited pornography web site is
combining up with

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business Verge

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available clients a simpler option to pay money for Pornhub services and products, including for any website’s superior HD-quality, ad-free subscription service, which is both safe and offers anonymity that’s great as you’re most likely tired of concealing the credit card costs out of your wife.

Verge cryptocurrency offers an additional amount of anonymity and protection by utilizing anonymous sites like Tor and I2P; it’s also an open-source project as opposed to a privately-owned organization.

Pornhub dropped a safe-for-work (if slyly adult-titled) offer, “The Future includes Cum,” that not only clarifies the relationship but makes a bold declare that, just like earlier innovation advancements, porn will be the tipping point for more common cryptocurrency recognition.

In addition it features a sound recording that seems suspiciously like

Stranger Situations.

It is possible to make of this what you should.

Corey cost, VP of Pornhub features this porn-as-trendsetter believed front of mind, too, saying, in a press release announcing the collaboration:

“background seems your sex enjoyment industry plays a vital role in use for innovative innovation. We watched by using VHS, Beta Max, bank card cost icons and, of late, VR goggles. We expect you’ll see prevalent use of crypto and blockchain quickly.”

While cost’s statement
definitely has merit

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, I can’t assist but wonder if
Winklevoss twins
is annoyed that JUST AS BEFORE another person will get all credit score rating. ALAS.

Due to the volatility in value of cryptocurrency, Price claims the website actually but recognizing it for continual repayments, just one-time payments, but is exploring how to adapt to make continual payments a possibility down the road.

For the present time, Pornhub is coping entirely with Verge (free gay adult games site Nutaku and xxx movie site Brazzers are also combining with Verge), keeping in mind the security plus the fact that lots of people
backed Verge in a survey

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, it is trying possibly broaden to other cryptocurrencies later on.